Posted by: Ariel | October 31, 2009

“Breaking The Ice”

It was a weird and telling scene
But not too strange for Halloween:
The woman glared with angry face
But husband laughed without a trace
Of worry or remorse or care –
To see that woman fuming there
Brought him no pain nor grey in hair.

And then she thought she hated him,
That madman with his cheshire grin.
She’d suffered long and long enough
Enough, she thought, enough, enough!
Of course it hadn’t been like this
At the beginning of their bliss
A thrilling tryst, his loving kiss
How had it ever come to this?

And now again, All Hallow’s Eve
His flying hair, that dancing fool!
Was it too much to ask of him
To behave well, to keep his cool?
Uncaringness she could believe,
But more and more he seemed to drift
Through life on whimsy and on whim
While her own spirits would not lift.

Her heart had long since turned to ice,
Its freezing grip chilled to the bone
His dance a gruesome revelry
In sins which he could not atone
But she would stop this devilry
And grant him what he wanted most:
To flit about the world not live
But as a cursed spirit-ghost.

She drew her gun and thought it nice
That his last breath might just suffice
To melt the ice cube in her chest
And really, it was for the best.
She pulled the trigger with a blink
And as his grin began to sink
She saw how desperately he died
And terrified, she cried and cried.


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