Posted by: Ariel | November 7, 2009

“The Vow”

Surely, surely, no amount of language communication can ever truly bridge the gap between my mind and another.  Not only will I never know what someone else thinks or feels, but I can’t even be sure if their concept of a given word is the same as mine.

In fact, the world could look very different to me than to everyone else, and I would never really be able to tell.  I don’t see how objectifying to more and more descriptive vocabulary will do any good when the simplest of terms remain incomprehensible.

Love is a complex emotion and not very well understood.  It’s too subtle a way to communicate.  You might as well be kissing a mirror, because the only emotion there is what you extrapolate must be there based on your own experience.  It’s hardly shared at all.

Extremely primal emotions may be transferable, I’ll grant you that.  If someone lunges at me with a knife I have a pretty good idea what’s going on.  But it’s so caricatured!  Happiness, well that’s out of the question.  Sorrow is too, come to think of it.  How many different kinds of sadness are there, all represented with a facial expression and increased lacrimation?

No, fear is out of the question.  Yes, I agree it’s possibly the simplest notion to transf- no!  You of all people should know what we’re trying to do here.  We need to build support, not give people flashbacks to a bad episode of The Twilight Zone.

Curiosity?  Hm.  Now you’re talking.  By its very definition it precludes specific knowledge or attitude.  Okay, maybe not attitude.  But still, I like it.  Curiosity for its own sake would certainly have widespread relatability.  Haha, well that just goes to show how we use the word ‘certainly’ differently.  Curiosity…well, it is fitting.  Let’s do it.  Hurry, there isn’t much time.

Engage the telepathic co-processors.  Bring the feedback algorithms online.  Haha, yes, yes, it’s possible we’re sharing something at this very moment.  If all goes well we might know soon enough.  Hell, if all goes wrong I still won’t regret it.  Don’t you see the magnitude of this?  One day there were no directed radio waves on Earth, the next day there were.  And this, this is so much more than radio.  This is humanity.  What?  We’re not going to be turning people into the Borg, for god’s sake.  A song can still have two meanings for two people, they just might be able to share what that feeling is.  I don’t care if it’s a hundred years down the line.  I’m sure they’ll legislate like there’s no tomorrow.  But there won’t be any stopping it, you’ll see.  To really know, if only for an instant, that you’re not alone.  Imagine!  For millenia we have existed in silence, in darkness, drifting like ghosts driven by a haunting need for something indescribable, passing each other without recognition.  It’s time to light a match and have a look around.  Of course there’ll be a way to turn it off.  I promised you that.


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