Posted by: Ariel | October 13, 2010

Prompt: Blowing sand stung his eyes.

Blowing sand stung his eyes.  He wasn’t supposed to walk around at night but it was the first clear night since he’d gotten there and the desert was cool and bright with moonlight.  The valley was bathed in an inviting glow, so off he went.  Besides, he could take care of himself.  The sand irked him – he didn’t even like the beach.  But if he closed this deal, his future would be assured; he stifled his annoyance and negotiated as best he could.  To be honest, the other side didn’t have much leverage.  He’d be out of here by day after tomorrow.

Brushing sand from his face, he climbed farther outside the valley, and rounding a hill he saw it all of a sudden.  The Milky Way, bright in the sky like he’d never imagined with jewels of light strewn over a pitch-black sky.  It stopped him in his tracks.  The sand whipped up again but even with his eyes closed he could see the brilliant swaths of stars and cloudy whiteness in the midst of nothingness.  Ten years later, he still saw those stars whenever he closed his eyes, and he wondered sometimes what had happened to the man he used to be.


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