Posted by: Ariel | October 13, 2010

Prompt: Trust

The wife sat curled up on the chair, sipping her favorite wine.  There was music playing but she barely heard it.  She closed her eyes and saw him getting out of a cab with the other woman, who almost tripped getting up the curb and had to be caught.  They made their way laughing into the restaurant.  The wife took another sip of wine.  He and the other woman had decided to skip dinner and just get drinks at her place.  She tripped going up the stairs and he caught her.  Laughing, they made their way inside where he kicked his shoes off and sat down on the couch.  The other woman came back with the drinks and sat down right next to him.  They were sharing a single cushion.  The wife almost laughed.  She saw him take the other woman into a hotel room.  They both seemed like they had done this thousands of times before, and all the hotel staff knew them.  They were kissing before the door closed.

The wife got up from the chair and wandered over to the mantle.  There was a photo of him with the son at college graduation.  How proud he looked.  There he was, accepting an award at work.  There was a candid shot of herself laughing at something he said.  She could see his eyes as he looked at her in the photo, his expression frozen in time but the look so familiar it could be conjured up at will.  The wife got a similar look in her eyes as she sat back down and took another sip of wine.  A smile played over her lips.  She felt so warm inside.  She trusted him.


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