Posted by: Ariel | October 31, 2010


The organ sounds its eerie chords
As if calling to heaven
Silence falls, there are no words
The bells ring to eleven

The audience shifts nervously
The priest looks out with dreadful gaze
He beckons one up to the front
She stands and silently she prays

He questions her, like every year
But she puts on her best false face
For even if the priest did hear
The truth of it he could not trace

He leans and whispers in her ear
The penalty for sin is death
And as she tries to hide her fear
The audience all hold their breath

A glint appears in the priest’s old eye
The time for reckoning is nigh
It is of course a crime to sin
But more perilous still to lie

The Voice speaks deep in the priest’s mind
Guilty! And guilty you shall find
The rest of them not far behind
Laughing at you, thinking you’re blind
Burn them in fire!

He raises his hands with a glower
And feels the rush of newfound power
He looks at her and something snaps
Can’t forgive this, nor any lapse
Burn them in fire!

Her feeble smile’s the final straw
He’s only carrying out God’s law
And with resolve he screams most dire
Liar, liar, liar, liar!
Burn in hellfire!

She shrieks and fizzles into flame
The priest slowly turns to the rest
One by one he does the same
To each and every one, no less

The priest looks down and shakes his head
‘Twas my duty to God, he said
Yes, said the Voice, you’ve done it well
And I’ll be seeing you soon in Hell
For there’s one more soul that must pay for his crimes
And one last time, the organ chimes.


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