Posted by: Ariel | November 14, 2010

Prompt: Letter to a future self

Dear me,

What can I tell you that you don’t already know?  I could remind you of my favorite things, but you probably have new favorites by now.  My hopes and dreams?  I’m sure you’ve adjusted those too.  Maybe all I’m good for is story fodder for your wife.  You are married, right?  (That’s just in case you miss those conversations with mom.)

Seriously though, there is something I hope you remember.  We had a deal, you and I.  I sacrifice now and you benefit later.  And by goodness, you better be enjoying yourself.  Please don’t disrespect my work by saying you’ve settled for less, or you never got around to it, or it’s too late.  We climb upward, even if we fall.  I gave you a gift and I expect you to use it.

Don’t feel guilty though, you gave me a gift too.  You don’t know how often you reminded me that there was going to be a tomorrow.  When I thought I had no more reasons you were always there, and you helped me take that next step.  Don’t miss me, ’cause I don’t miss you.  We’ve been down this road together.


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