Posted by: Ariel | October 31, 2011

“Long Lost”

I know I’m not a special guy, quite average if you please
But I take my share of pride in my uniquer qualities
And when that piece of pride inside has died and left me dull,
That’s when I worry I just might do something horrible.

Once I found my living twin, his face was just like mine
He was sitting cross the tavern sipping lingonberry wine
Women clustered round him hanging on his every word
While my ex kept getting checks for so much cash it was absurd

He saw me then, and beckoned, though I wish he hadn’t done
My jealous itch don’t barely yield to calm or sense or reason
But as the women saw me too, he crooked that selfsame smile
And they chorused like a choir “oh, come on over for a while!”

The tall one’s name was Jill and she smiled as if to say
“I guess I’ll take a forgery if I can’t have Monet”
I smiled back though, and flirted, I just couldn’t help myself
It was a losing game, but I thought I’d play it careful

The other me was gracious, he was kind and he was smart
He was sorry that my ex and I had drifted so apart
But in a way that made it worse, his mercy all through dinner
Instead of being a sinner, for that night I was a winner

But what the hell’s the point in winning if you can’t do it by yourself?
And Jill asks someone else to get the bottle off the shelf
At some point you have to come to terms with how lame
And stupid
And just…..idiotic, God.

Who do you think you are?

Once I found my living twin, his face was just like mine
Beneath his smile I found the truth of something less benign
I found my long-lost brother, but I knew right there and then
In order to survive I had to make him lost again.


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