Posted by: Ariel | May 23, 2012

“Family Ties”

Lightning flashed an easy, charming smile at Willow as she walked past, and was rewarded with the usual eyeroll.

“Man,” he exhaled, “is she something. So graceful. So tall.”

“Why do they always have to be tall,” grumbled Thunder from across the table. “Just eat, so we can go back to work.”

Lightning fidgeted in his plastic seat, working up some static electricity that popped and crackled annoyingly. “You’d never understand.”

The brothers glowered at each other over half-eaten tacos. It was sunny out, but the birds had stopped singing.

“I understand, all right,” Thunder said. “You’re a hotheaded ingrate only capable of thinking of yourself.”

“Ingrate? Who got us this job, huh?”

“And we’ll lose it if you can’t take it seriously.”

“Don’t you ever want anything? Do you even know what desire is? I love her! I love her and I want to be with her and I don’t…”

“Oh, so now you love her. Oh, that’s sweet. That’s so beautiful.”

“Screw you, man.” Electricity arced angrily around his clenched fists.

“Dude.” Thunder tried to take a conciliatory tone. “You’ve got to stop doing this. We aren’t kids anymore and Dad is gone. We have…”

“Don’t say it,” Lightning warned.


The sky darkened. Lightning stood up slowly and deliberately, radiant with power and ambition and purpose. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m going after her.”

Thunder sat back wearily in his chair, which squeaked with the weight. He reached for a chip and dipped it in the salsa.

“This’ll only end in tears,” Thunder boomed in his best prophetic voice. Lightning laughed giddily and was gone in a hum and a sizzle.

“Check please,” Thunder rumbled in the direction of the waitress. He reached for another chip and sighed. Soon, the pursuit would begin again.


This is an entry in Cherie Reich’s 2nd Annual Flash Fiction Blogfest. Click to read the other entries!



  1. Thank you for entering my 2nd Annual Flash Fiction Blogfest! The six finalists will be announced on Friday, May 25th. I will further comment on your entry on Thursday.

    Cherie Reich – Author


  2. The casual superpower tint really makes this story pop. Fantastic and I would love to read more.


    • Thanks! I definitely enjoy reading about the problems of superheroes. Celebrity gossip for the mythological age?


      • Exactly, the era of the iconic and unreachable hero is passing and the time for the relatable hero is here. Watchman-esque grit and flaws are definitely still in.


  3. This was a really fun read.


  4. I guess superheores have drama too. Great dialogue. Thanks for the story.


  5. I enjoyed this a lot! Well done!


  6. I LOVE this! What a great direction to take the prompt!


  7. LOVE the names! What a great twist 😀


  8. LOL. Quarling brothers… I’m curious as to how the backstory goes.


  9. The dialogue in this is so believable that I felt as it I were there. Nice!


  10. I enjoyed this piece, especially the personification of Thunder and Lightning. Great job!

    I’ll announce the finalists tomorrow.


  11. I heart this clever play on the theme, and the descriptions of the characters, and their actions, were spot on. Loved it!
    Some Dark Romantic


  12. I loved this! The relationship between the two brothers really come out beautifully in the dialogue. 🙂


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