Posted by: Ariel | July 7, 2012

“Historical Footnote”

Next slide please.

Let me paint you a picture to illustrate my point. A bead of sweat. A plodding step. A vocal exhalation. Mouth slightly open, head bowed, utterly defeated.

Next slide please.

This histogram shows the average movement speed of the people in aggregate region 4 as a function of temperature for ten Earthly rotations. As you can see, not only does movement become quick and purposeful during cold times, but higher temperatures correspond to slower activity.

Next slide.

Our conclusion can only be that unlike us, human metabolism was crippled by heat. Their fleshy exoskeleton and inability to burrow must have left them quite vulnerable. Still, it is possible that they and other species like them reigned peacefully for many ages. Any questions?

Yes. If what you say is true, why did average temperatures increase exponentially during the human period of dominance? One would think that with their problem solving ability…

Ah, that is a question for the anthropologists, and beyond the scope of this talk.


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